Note Collection and Loan Servicing

Whether you call it private note servicing, private loan servicing, loan servicing, contract servicing, seller-financed loan servicing, owner carry loan servicing, cash flow servicing or third party servicing Dixie Servicing can handle it.
We take pride in working with homeowners to save their homes and solve their home ownership problems. At the same time we effectively service all aspects of loan servicing from set up to pay off.

Contact us before or after loan closing or note purchase for quick set up your your servicing. We can assist you in   normal payment collections, hard to collect loans and loans in bankruptcy or pre-foreclosure to re-performing.

Our Basic Loan Servicing starts at only $15.00 a month per loan. Our basic service provides single point of contact for both Homeowners and Investors. Give us a call to discuss your loan servicing needs.

See our Note & Loan Servicing page (under the Investors tab) for a complete list of Loan Servicing.

Call us at 888-445-6538 or send us an email to set up Your Loan Servicing NOW!!

What we do for you:

We do the same thing that loan servicers do the the major banks but we can do more. We are not limited with their underwriting requirements in getting loans to re-perform. We specialize in CREATIVITY and working with homeowner to keep their home which maximizes your returns. We specialize in loans originated by banks, mortgage companies, brokerage houses, and owner finance market.

We provide the following:

* Monthly Payment Coupons to the Homeowner
* Collection of Taxes and Insurance (if requested)
* Archived transaction history on Homeowner accounts
* Complete IRS annual reporting for 1098's
* Investor year end loan analysis
* Escrow Analysis
* Recorded telephone calls with the Homeowner
* On line Chat Line

Investor Benefits

Dixie Servicing offers a personal loan servicing option specifically designed to save time for the Investor while maximizing their return. We provide:

* Access to professional and fully trained loan servicing staff
* Detailed reports of portfolio activity
* Scheduled past due letter and phone calls on delinquent accounts
* Professional services for loan documentation, collection and foreclosure
* Property tax services to verify timely payment of taxes by the Homeowner
* Off site processing and third party secured computer services
* On demand account information
* Assistance in compliance with all applicable local, state, federal laws, CFPB, FDPCA, TCPA rules and regulations
* Excellent audit trail for the Investor and Homeowner
* Tax and insurance escrow functions
* TIME for the Investor to pursue other business opportunities

Services for your Homeowner

Dixie Servicing will act as the complete Loan Servicing Provider to your Homeowner. We personalize the loan servicing process while maintaining accurate and detailed homeowner records. We will manage all account information and provide immediate access to virtually anything our Homeowner may need. We provide:

* Trained staff to handle customer service inquires professionally with personalized service
* Payment coupons to improve timely payments and collection of late fees if any
* Scheduled past due letters and phone calls on delinquent accounts
* Archived transaction history on borrower accounts
* Borrower correspondence on each account to document communication and collection activities
* Administer follow-up on homeowner accounts for various purposes (bankruptcy, taxes, fees due to Investor, etc.)
* Continuous accounting updating of borrower information
* Account statement for Homeowner status reports or payoff inquiries
* Year-end tax and interest statement (1098's)