Backup Withholding for IRS, including 945 Return +$45/payment
Bankruptcy Relief Coordination Set Up Fee, in Default Servicing $100 set up
 BPO exterior, in Default Servicing $120
 BPO interior, in Default Servicing $140
 Construction/Loan Proceeds Disbursement $300/disbursemnt
 Data Entry Fee to reset any Loan terms, or change Servicing Programs (30 day notice) $45 for 1-9 loans
 Data Research for missing Loan Servicing Setup data $150 per hour
 Deed in Lieu, in Default Servicing per attorney
 Deed in Lieu Coordination Set Up Fee, in Default Servicing $175 set up
 Dodd Frank Compliance on covered Loans in Performing Loan Servicing + $15 for 2 months
 Due diligence or basic loan file or document review, per DIXIE person $150 per hour
 Escrow/Impounds research needed for taxes/insurance set up in servicing $150 per hour
 Eviction Coordination Set Up Fee, in Default Servicing $50 set up
 Extraordinary activities and special requests; 1 hour minimum $150 per hour
 Field Call (door knock, interview neighbors), 3 attempts at contact, in Default Servicing $85
 Forbearance Plans: facilitate at direction of Lender, in Default Servicing $650 + $45 reset
 Forbearance Plan & Loan Modification COMBINATION Agreement: facilitate at direction of lender $800 + $45 reset
 Foreclosure Coordination, national (not CA), in Default Servicing $225 set up
 Grant Deed or Quit Claim Deed $150
 Hardest Hit Fund one time report facilitation fee per Approved Loan, in Default Servicing $150
 Hardest Hit Fund processing fee per HHF payment, in Default Servicing $25
 Hardest Hit Fund additional reporting fee, if needed, in Default Servicing $30 per report
 LATE FEE % to DIXIE on all Loans 50% of paid
 Loan Modification negotiation and completion (in house or outsourced) $750 + $45 reset
 Loan Modifications: facilitate at direction of Lender $600 + $45 reset
 Loan Servicing Transfer Out fee; proof of new servicer licensing required $75 per loan
 Maturity Notice preparation and Mailing $45
 Most State specific pre foreclosure Compliance work (AZ $425) $375+ by state
 Ownership & Encumbrance Report, in Default Servicing $140
 Pay Off Demands varies by state
 Property Tax, Insurance, etc. payments by DIXIE on non-escrowed loans $45/disbursement
 Release or Reconveyance varies by state
 RESPA/QWR dispute response including documentation $350
 RUSH RESPA/QWR dispute response $500
 Short Sale or Junior Lien Negotiation in Default Servicing $600
 TILA Ownership Transfer Notice $25
Overnight Letters $20
Door Knocker $65